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Rapport du COI et annonce d’Elisabeth Borne : une reconnaissance du rôle primordial du secteur ferroviaire


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    Chemin du Corps de Garde Zone Industrielle
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  • Track works

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  • Actionnaire :
    Perron familly
    BRIC S.A.
  • Forme juridique :
    Limited Company Directory and supervisory boardllance
  • Capital en € :
    € 10 800 000 Euros
  • CA global en € : -
  • CA ferroviaire en € : -
  • CA ferroviaire à l’export en € : -
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 750


  • LACOSTE Jean-Philippe
  • PERRON Emmanuèle

Descriptif / Historique

TSO specializes in the construction, renewal, laying and maintenance of railway track. Services include ballast less track-laying, ballast renewal, ballast stabilization by bonding, track relaying, flash-but welding of rails, track-laying of high speed lines and track-laying on concrete.

Through the years, TSO has achieved technological innovations such as:

- ballast less track-laying
- turnouts mechanical renewal
- track relaying and ballast renewal
- flash-butt welding of rails
- speed record of 574,8 Km/h achieved on the European East high speed line layed by TSO
- conductor rail system
- high speed lines track-laying
- track-laying on concrete
- ballast stabilization by bonding
- ballast rehabilitation on South-East High Speed Line
- renewal of turnouts on high speed line in operation

European projects :
TSO has 70 years experience in European countries including France, Belgium, United Kindgom, Sweden and the Netherlands and has a national set-up, working for Public Employers such as SNCF (French Railways), RATP and other urban networks.

Rapid Transit Line :
TSO laid the whole Parisian Rapid Transit line from "La Defense" to "Torcy" station (end of the Parisian Eastern Line) and has extended this line to Chessy (Disneyland Paris Resort Station). The Company has also renewed 11 km of track and modernized 10 km of track for the tramway project TVS (Tram Val de Seine).

Projects also include the construction of the TGV Atlantic line stage 2, on which the speed world record on rail was broken in May 1990 (515,3 km/h) and participation in the construction of the TGV North,TGV Rhône-Alpes (bypass of Lyon/Valence) High Speed Lines. TGV Méditerranée and since the 3rd of April 2007, the new speed record of 574,8 km/h achieved on the European East high speed line layed by TSO.

South-East High Speed Line :
TSO acted as proxy for the group of companies responsible for the execution of the rehabilitation and upgrading of the South-East High Speed Line and, as co-contractor, executes the track and ballast renewal program of about 210 km of track per year.

TSO, group leader, has also been declared successful bidder for track and overhead catenary system works for the construction of the Rhin-Rhône new line which will be performed from end of 2008 to 2011.

Worldwide projects :
In 1971, TSO commenced their worldwide export activities with the rehabilitation of the railway track between Teheran and Meshed in Iran to increase the speed of the line to 160 km/h. TSO then brought its experience and technical resources to Saudi Arabia, Togo, Egypt, Nigeria, Belgium, Malaysia, Gabon, Netherlands, Singapore, Bangladesh, Roumania and Thailand.

Achievements include involvement in the Cairo Metro and the doubling of the Faw-Luxor line in Egypt, the Ajaokuta Ore Line and Warri line in Nigeria, the Boke line in Guinea, and the new dual gauge track for the Jamuna railway project in Bangladesh. TSO also participated in the construction of the Taipei Metro in Taiwan and is currently laying the new standard gauge track from Mecheria to Bechar in Algeria, as well as the construction of the first line of the Alger's subway and first line of the Santo Dominguo's subway.


  • Catenaries (overhead contact lines) : Installation and renewal
  • Rails renewal on high speed line
  • Welding of rails
  • Track works
  • Ballastless track
  • Rail track (maintenance)
  • Rail track (fixing and sundry operations)

Activités détaillées

- Construction, renewal and maintenance of railway tracks for national networks, private sidings and urban transportation systems, metros, tramways.



    ISO 9002


    Eastern Europe High speed line :

    Contract CTRL 2 : Second section of the high speed line from Channel Tunnel to London

    Construction of the standard gauge track Mecheria-Bechar (360 km) (Algeria)

    Rail welding and technical assistance


  • FRASCA, France
  • SIFEL, France
  • FVF, France
  • M.V.F., France
  • PEVERAIL, France
  • TSO MATERIEL, France
  • GIPERAIL, France
  • EGYFRAIL, Egypt
  • S.E.A. TRACK Co Ltd, Thailand
  • OLICHON, France
  • MIRE, France


  • TSO Alger
  • TSO Grèce
  • TSO UK