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Rapport du COI et annonce d’Elisabeth Borne : une reconnaissance du rôle primordial du secteur ferroviaire


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  • Adresse :
    255 ZA de l'Illot
  • Téléphone :
    +33 (0)5 57 94 07 20
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  • KHOUYA Christophe [General Manager]

Descriptif / Historique

Founded in 1946, the GALLAND SAS company conceives, develops and manufactures overhead catenary system material for railways and tramways throughout the world. Now established on the site of La Lande de Fronsac in the French county of the Gironde, the company consists of 48 co-workers.


  • Fastenings, anchorings, cantilever insulators, anchoring insulators
  • Tensioning devices: pulleys, winch, spring and oleopneumatic
  • Cantilevers in galvanized steel, aluminium or composite material
  • Steady arms 25 kv, 1.5/3 kV and 750V
  • Section insulators 25kv, 1.5/3kV and 750 V
  • Section switches 25kV, Circuit breakers 1.5kV
  • Rigid Overhead Catenary solution: ROC

Activités détaillées

GALLAND has acquired more than 75 years of expertise in the railroad sector, and more particularly in catenaries, for the manufacture of aerial equipment: cantilevers, steady arms, automatic tensioning devices, section insulators, linking parts, carriers, pendulums, rigid overhead catenaries. This experience is the result of hours of "Research and Development" on the part of our research unit in close collaboration with our partners and our clients. The company is approved for a large range of products for high speed lines, conventional lines and tram networks.



    - ISO 9001
    - ISO 14001


    >1946 - Electrification France with the SNCF (French Railways) and the RATP (Parisian Transport Authority)
    1992 - Tramway catenary 750V with the RATP
    1993 - EUROTUNNEL
    1994 - First Chinese High Speed Line
    2007 - World record with the Eastern High Speed Line : 574,8 km/h
    2008 - Korean High Speed Line
    2013 - First tramways in China and Brazil
    2014 - Algerian High Speed Line
    2016 - Southern Europe Atlantic High Speed Line (SEA)
    2019 - First tramway in Mauritius


  • CHINA : GCS (Galland China Suzhou)


  • GALLAND SAS : La Lande de Fronsac (FRANCE)