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Siège social

  • Adresse :
    8, Boulevard Détriché
    BP 30935
    49009 ANGERS Cedex 01
  • Téléphone :
    +33 (0)2 41 79 12 50
  • Site internet :
  • Email :

Secteurs d'activités

  • Buying, selling, commission, import, export of all materials, industrial supplies. All operations relating to trading and maintenance of electronic products

Informations financières et juridiques

  • Actionnaire :
    Financière de l'Ombrée (FDO)
  • Forme juridique :
  • Capital en € :
    € 1 293 500
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 25


  • MALRIN Christophe [President]

Descriptif / Historique

Started in 1984 the MARTEC company (original company name) begins its activities on the site of Sèvres (92) in the distribution and the manufacturing of products for the maritime domain. The company quickly knows a high development at first by organic growth with the integration of new activities then by external growth with the acquisition of several companies as TEKELEC SYSTEMES in 2003. This last subsidiary based in Les Ulis, became afterward the head office of MARTEC.

TEKELEC SYSTEMES company, created in 1959 by the founder of the Group TEKELEC, merged with MARTEC at the beginning of 2004.
For strategic reasons, MARTEC separated from navy and aviation activities which took their independence under the company name KANNAD, at the middle 2007, then of the activity Physical and Electronic Security in 2008.

In July, 2009, MARTEC had joined éolane group. On December 1st, 2010, company names of sites have been renamed: Eolane Les Ulis.

Eolane Ulis positions as a company of electronic engineering on all the produced life cycle and is a leading player for the activities of design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and services associated in the following fields of activity :

- Design and manufacturing of electronic Information and Communication Systems for Defence, Security and PublicTransport (railway and buses),
- Department of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and sustainability / management of the obsolescence of electronic and computing systems, storage of components
- Services of architecture and distribution of photovoltaic systems
- Redesign of electronic equipment
- Design and manufacturing of test and simulation bench


  • Analog camera
  • Intelligent on board IP camera
  • Hybrid video and audio recording system for all types of public transport



    Certification ISO 9001, CMMI level 2


    - Embedded Travelers Information system
    - Video transmission system between the ground and the cabins
    - Embedded Interconnection Box UIC TETRA
    - Embedded Data transmission System Ground-train
    - Embedded digital video System
    - KVB Antenna, beacon and rack
    - Railroad crossing motor (MBA)
    - Railway point machine (MJ - MATR)
    - Rail signal relay
    - Power distribution Box
    - Design and manufacture of railway cable and wiring harness


  • EOLANE LES ULIS, Villebon sur Yvette (91)