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Rapport du COI et annonce d’Elisabeth Borne : une reconnaissance du rôle primordial du secteur ferroviaire


Siège social

  • Adresse :
    ZA La Chapelle
  • Téléphone :
    +33 (0)4 75 87 12 46
  • Site internet :
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Secteurs d'activités

  • Manufacture of electrical equipment

Informations financières et juridiques

  • Actionnaire :
    Fangier Familly
  • Forme juridique :
  • Capital en € :
    € 1 592 000
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 180

Descriptif / Historique

The CEFEM TECHNOLOGIES group, and its subsdiary CEFEM INDUSTRIES, was created in 1987 by Georges Fangier to supply components and systems that enter into complex electrical equipment. Progressively, the company integrated more and more "powerful electronics", capable of modulating energy for next generation applications.

After becoming an expert in energy conversion, in 1999 CEFEM TECHNOLOGIES took over the "visible break switch" side of the powerful FERRAZ company. In this way, the company acquired expertise in energy separation. In 2005, the buy-out of the Grenoble company ASB (Atelier Spécial Bobinage) and the setting-up of a production unit in Romania gave CEFEM ROMANIA new advantages : an expanded range of transformers and improved competitiveness. CEFEM was able to progressively prove itself in the fields of energy conversion systems, heavy industry and the environment.

The environment is a strong value at CEFEM TECHNOLOGIES. In 2009, the group opened its subsidiary CEFEM SOLAR SYSTEMS and moved into solar energy with the launch of a new range of three phase inverters.

CEFEM INDUSTRIES has made the choice to retain a production unit in France next to its research offices, to guarantee performance and quality at every stage : traceability for raw materials, the development of prototypes and pre-series, quality of assembly, performance control on finished products and management of deadlines.

The CEFEM plant in Romania contributes to the group's competitiveness. It is ideally located and responds to the growing demand from the countries of the new, larger Europe. Production management is flexible and reactive, allowing the CEFEM TECHNOLOGIES group to deliver any kind of quantity from the smallest to the largest series.


  • Magnetic components and film capacitors