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Siège social

  • Adresse :
    Z.I La Bouriette
    BP CS 30029
  • Téléphone :
    +33 (0)4 68 25 14 26
  • Fax :
    +33 (0)4 68 72 57 44
  • Site internet :
  • Email :

Secteurs d'activités

  • Electric lighting installation device

Autres secteurs

aerospace (commercial and military), navy, medical, architectural, industrial, museum...

Informations financières et juridiques

  • Actionnaire :
    Jean-Paul Remezy, Jean-François Massie, Béatrice Garrido
  • Forme juridique :
  • Capital en € :
    € 300 000
  • CA global 2017 en € : 4 467 238
  • CA ferroviaire 2017 en € : 1 800 004
  • CA ferroviaire à l’export 2017 en € : 106 842
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 30


  • MASSIE Jean-François [CEO]

Descriptif / Historique

MINILAMPE was created in 1951 under the name ASTARA, over the years MINILAMPE has expanded by acquiring the companies L.R.L.S (in 2003) and Jean ROCHET (IN 2005).
Strengthened by 50 years of experience in lighting manufacturing, MINILAMPE offers today more than 1.500 references of incandescent specific lamps as well as standard lamps.
MINILAMPE control all the trades which are required for manufacturing its lamps : glass and quartz craft, filament craft, vacuum skill as well as gas filling.
MINILAMPE has managed to expand its range of products and since 1999 new technology LED items are available.

MINILAMPE sales its products under the brand names ASTARA, DEELED, BELLE & LED and LRLS.


  • Lamps
  • Description :
    - ASTARA products : High performance incandescent lamps to bring a made to size solution to onboard lighting and signalling problems.
    - LRLS products : Vacuum and halogen incandescent lamps of medium and high power.
    - DEELED products : LED lamps for general lighting (MR16, GU10, E27, led tubes T5 and T8, led slab, flood light, down light, high bay, ...).
    - BELLE & LED products : LED lamps for architectural and design lighting for upmarket and luxe sector.
    All products, off all brands, are tested in laboratory. Their electrical and photometrical performances are measured in the exact same environmental condition of usage as per the customer's requirements specifications (chocks, vibrations, temperatures). These tests allow MINILAMPE to guaranty the life time of the products.

Activités détaillées

MINILAMPE offers custom made, innovative & economical lighting solutions to its customers.

Plug & play solution :
MINILAMPE studies and offers the retrofit of incandescent lamps with Based LEDs, with the advantages to get a longer life, to have a low power consumption, to keep the existing installation and reduce maintenance costs.

Obsolescence Solution :
MINILAMPE brings to its customers solutions to obsolescence to avoid a new qualification or the cost of a technological change

Supply chain :
MINILAMPE manages for its customers the complete supply chain (purchases, logistics, and stock management) to optimize the flux and the costs.

Sourcing :
MINILAMPE brings to its customers sourcing solutions to rationalize the purchases.