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Rapport du COI et annonce d’Elisabeth Borne : une reconnaissance du rôle primordial du secteur ferroviaire


Siège social

  • Adresse :
    Les Baronnies - Bat A
    13013 MARSEILLE
  • Téléphone :
    +33 (0)4 91 10 01 90
  • Fax :
    +33 (0)4 91 08 60 40
  • Site internet :
  • Email :

Secteurs d'activités

  • Measurement, inspection & maintenance support for railway infrastructure and Rolling stock - railway signalling

Autres secteurs

Diagnostics by contact-less based systems for industrial sectors that present operational environments so severe that the railway sector, such as the aerospace, marine and energy sectors

Informations financières et juridiques

  • Actionnaire :
    MER MEC S.p.A
  • Forme juridique :
  • Capital en € :
    € 20 000
  • CA global 2020 en € : 2 490 K
  • CA ferroviaire 2020 en € : 2 490 K
  • CA ferroviaire à l’export 2020 en € : 1 300 K
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 10


  • CARRE Sébastien [Managing Director]
  • WACRENIER Pierre-Louis [Technical Manager]

Descriptif / Historique

MERMEC FRANCE is the French subsidiary of the MERMEC group, the world leader in on-board systems for diagnostic and measurement of railway infrastructure. As a subsidiary, the mission of the French company is to assist the group in the deployment and the follow-up of group solutions in France, Belgium, and French-speaking African countries. MERMEC FRANCE also produces some products of the group's portfolio, exporting these systems all over the world.

By fulfilling this role, MERMEC FRANCE brings together technical skills related to the operation of optical sensors and image processing, allowing the development of inspection and control systems for railway assets.


  • Railway signalling products & systems
  • Diagnostic and measurement systems & Services of Railway infrastructure
  • Railway rolling stock diagnostic systems

Activités détaillées

Since its creation in 2007, MERMEC France has already contributed to the development, installation, and after-sales of inspection systems such as:
- Automatic Train Clearance gauge systems
- Vision systems for track components analysis
- Catenary line hot spot measurement and monitoring systems using thermal and video cameras
- Automatic Train wheel Vision inspection
- System for monitoring the gauge of freight trains by optical sensors

In addition, MERMEC France is responsible for maintenance of all MERMEC group systems deployed in France.



    MERMEC France is a founder member of RAILENIUM


    MERMEC is present in more than 50 countries with more than 150 different customers