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  • Adresse :
    72-74, rue Henry Farman
    75015 PARIS
  • Téléphone :
    01 40 16 61 00
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Secteurs d'activités

Informations financières et juridiques

  • Capital en € :
    € 27 283 102
  • CA global 2013 en € : 443,2 M
  • CA ferroviaire 2011 en € : 415,9 M
  • CA ferroviaire à l’export 2013 en € : 230,2 M
  • Effectifs ferroviaires : 1648


  • DUNANT Matthieu
  • SCHMITT Bruno
  • VERZAT Pierre [Chief executive officer]

Descriptif / Historique

SYSTRA is a global leader in public transport infrastructure. Its 3 800 employees specialize in consulting and engineering.

SYSTRA benefits from over 50 years of experience from its parent companies, SNCF and RATP. It employs state of the art engineering techniques and develops innovative solutions that meet the explosive growth in demand for public transport in and around the world's largest cities, which are home to over half the world's population.

Active in 78 countries worldwide, SYSTRA is involved in project planning well before the start of the design stage and continues through to deployment. The Group generates 52% of its revenues outside France.

A company which is continually growing

Several key milestones mark the development of the SYSTRA Group. Most recently, the incorporation of INEXIA, and XELIS, opens a new chapter in the life of the Group and paves the way to a greater future for us all.

1957 : SNCF launches SOFRERAIL
1961 : RATP launches SOFRETU
1995 : the 2 companies merge to form SYSTRA
2011 : INEXIA and XELIS merge with SYSTRA to enhance and reinforce the capability of the Group.

A market leader

SYSTRA preserves above all the technological excellence on which its reputation is founded. Balancing growth and excellence governs all our decisions. It is one of the factors which has established us as a leader in the field.
A world leader in transport infrastructure engineering
In the top 10 transport engineering companies in the world (ENR Engineering News-Record 2013 rankings)
Revenues in 2013 reached 443,2 million euros, of which 52% was international
3 800 employees, with more than half based abroad
A redistribution of our teams to be as closer our clients, both in France and around the world

A company with the capability to handle every stage of a project

Whether you are a partner or a client, SYSTRA's technical skills mean that our teams can provide the support you need, right the way through your transport project. We work alongside you from design to delivery, from construction to maintenance. Included are feasibility studies, project management, including any obligations with regard to environmental protection, trials, commissioning and launch, and training. All this is, of course, provided by a dedicated team, always ready to adapt its solutions to meet your expectations.

Upstream studies
Preliminary studies
Overall design
Detailed designs
Construction / Supervision
Technical inspection
Integration trials
Commissioning and launch
Operation / Maintenance

Activités détaillées

Fields of expertise :

General studies
Civil engineering and Structures
Transport systems (control system and telecommunication infrastructures, Power supply, Tracks, signaling and methods of operation)
Engineering operations
Rolling stock and workshop
Maintenance and safety
Project management
Sustainable mobility

Modes of transport :

High Speed Rail
Conventional rail
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Cable Transport
River ports, seaports



    ISO 9001 - ISO 14 001 - OPQIBI


    South East Atlantic High speed line
    East European High Speed Line
    Green and Red line of Dubaï Metro
    Extension of Paris Line 4
    Extension of Paris Line 14
    Al Sufouh Dubaï LRT
    Tramway de Bordeaux line A, B, C, D


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  • SYSTRA PARIS, France
  • Agence Sud-Ouest, Bordeaux, France
  • Agence Sud-Est, Lyon, France
  • Agence Nord, Paris, France
  • SYSTRA Dubaï
  • SYSTRA Hong-Kong
  • SYSTRA Sao Paulo
  • SYSTRA New-York, Little Falls, Los Angeles, Philadelphia
  • SYSTRA Ltd, London
  • MVA Asia, Hong-Kong
  • CANARAIL, Montreal
  • SYSTRA FONCIER, Paris, France