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une épopée française : 120 ans d’innovation ferroviaires dans le monde »
La FIF a le plaisir de vous présenter, à l’occasion de ses 120 ans, le livre intitulé « une épopée française : 120 ans d’innovation ferroviaires dans le monde » auquel la Fédération ainsi q Lire la suite

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5 key strategic axes

  • FIF's strategy mainly aims to play a role on the one hand, in implementing improvement concerning the regulatory and technical environment, and on the other hand, the business conditions of the Profession.

    This strategy can be broken down into 5 major orientations:

    A. Promoting the railway industry and transport as one of the solutions to major society concerns

    Goal n° 1: Enhancing the various within the Profession and their results/performance with the media, government, national and international authorities.

    Goal n° 2: Highlight the key-role of railway transport in reviving the economy and in the sustainable development policy.

    Goal n° 3: Highlight the important results of European co-operation on the major railway files (mutual recognition, ERTMS [European Rail Traffic Management System], Railway Testing Centre, etc.)

    B. Playing a part in competitiveness of the French and European railway industry

    Goal n° 1: Speed up European regulatory harmonisation

    Goal n° 2: Make the European regulation, standardisation and certification procedures most effective and more compliant with competitiveness requirements of the railway sector (standardisation, simplification, reduction of costs and deadlines, etc.)

    Goal n° 3: Strengthen the industrial position in steering French normative work

    C. Helping companies in their positioning with regard to their customers/partners or competitors.

    1. Worldwide presence

    Goal n° 1: Help companies in developing their activities toward «target countries»

    Goal n° 2: Help companies become very familiar with Asian industrial strategies

    2. On the national level

    Goal n° 1: Develop an FIF / SNCF / RFF joint strategic thinking on the following topics

    Goal n° 2: Help in developing competitiveness of the national railway system

    Goal n° 3: Develop synergies with i-trans and other trade organisations (FNTP, FIEEC (Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communications Industries), etc.) and railway associations (AIF (Railway Industries Association), etc.)

    D. Expanding existing railway training from the viewpoint of current and future human resource needs within the railway industry.

    Goal n° 1: Active participation in defining the guidelines of the railway Master's degree and provide information about its development

    Goal n° 2: Promote railway training adapted to the future needs of manufacturers of the sector

    Goal n° 3: Awareness-raising of research-teachers from laboratory facilities relevant to the railway

    E. Aligning, clarifying and enhancing the status of FIF initiatives.

    Goal n° 1: Develop an annual action plan consistent with the Strategic Plan

    Goal n° 2: Highlight everyday initiatives led by the FIF